Roots Press

Victoria DunmireVictoria Dunmire: “If you haven’t tried Roots hummus yet, you need to. NOW. They’re a small company based in Asheville, NC and they make the yummiest hummus I’ve ever had. I created my own romaine wraps with the Thai Coconut Curry and Extra Hot Chipotle hummus, alfalfa sprouts and fresh tomatoes. It was nice to have something different…”

E3 RootsE3 Diet: “Spread Black Bean hummus from Roots of Asheville on toasted whole wheat bread then add ripe avocado and as much spinach that will fit between the bread.”

Roots Organic Gourmet - homemade tastes better on handmadeHomemade Tastes Better on Handmade: “Do I still consider it homemade? Oh yah, sure, you betcha! And the result of these little ‘cheats’ is that we had a curry with deeply developed flavors in a fraction of the time.”

Roots Organic Gourmet - Growing MindsGrowing Minds: “Thanks to a generous donation from Roots Organic Gourmet, ASAP [Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project] is offering seven competitive mini-grants of up to $250 for school gardens for the 2012-2013 school year.”
Roots Organic Gourmet - Two Doors DownTwo Doors Down: “While shopping at Whole Foods, we came across a young gentleman handing out samplings of hummus. So, being the good citizens that we are, we partook in the sampling as well. Truly delicious hummus, in fact, some of the best we have ever tasted!”
Roots Organic Gourmet - Healthy AshleyHealthy Ashley: “In our treasure hunt we discovered Asheville-made roots hummus. Good glory this stuff is delicious. We tried the Original and Chipotle flavors. From here on out we will just call this ‘crack.’”
Roots Organic Gourmet - The Vegan Man CaveThe Vegan Man Cave: “Pound for pound, Roots gets the job done over the WF prepared hummus I normally buy. It’s creamy and popping with all the right flavor.”
Roots Organic Gourmet - Peanut Butter RunnerPeanut Butter Runner: “Great smooth texture, no strong garlic aftertaste and a short and understandable ingredients list. Roots offers all kinds of interesting hummus flavors and they’re based out of Asheville so what is not to love?”
Roots Organic Gourmet - plant based happinessPlant-Based Happiness: “Whole Foods was sampling “roots” brand of hummus last week and I fell in love. The roots brand “Thai Coconut Curry” hummus was fantastic. Very different than traditional hummus and very addictive. It’s made in Asheville so it’s a local company to us North Carolinians! Give it a try…”
Roots Organic Gourmet - sweet tater blogSweet Tater Blog: “I’m generally not a fan of packaged hummus. Sabra’s texture makes me queasy and Athenos is hands down THE worst hummus I’ve ever consumed. Plus, Stew makes some killer at-home hummus and we almost always order it as an appetizer at restaurants, so there’s not a whole lot of need for us to go buying packages of it…Then again, there’s Roots.”







































Cheers, Roots loves you back! :)