Roots Hummus


Roots Original Hummus

The fountain from which the eternal tasties spread! Our original hummus stands up to all the rest of ‘em and towers over the flavor of a thousand stacked tubs of the conventional stuff. Once you’ve tried Roots OG, there’s no going back.

Roasted Red Bell Pepper

Roots Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus

We roast these little red guys in the oven on the same morning that we package them, so you’ll never taste stale veggies or diluted flavors here. A bit of garlic, safflower oil, and Celtic Sea Salt will chime in on your tongue, too–rest assured that you can truly savor this flavor!

Hot Chipotle

Roots Chipotle Hummus

Yowza, this one’s hot. Our Chipotle hummus won’t totally blow your cool, but you’ve gotta love spicy in order to get into this one. We start out with fresh, raw jalapeño peppers, then roast them to Chipotle perfetion before cooling and crafting the hummus, all in a morning’s work. A special treat for the more daring palates out there!

Black Bean

Roots Black Bean Hummus

Made with 100% black beans and 0% chickpeas, this flavor will delight everyone from babies to sufferers of Celiacs, and everyone in between. With the balanced zings of organic lime and lemon juice, our black beans mix and match with an abundance of foods.


Roots Spinach Hummus

Organic baby spinach goes into this batch, which rings of simplicity and raw tastiness. You won’t be disappointed with this as a spread on your sandwich or as the perfect accompaniment to a good ol’ bag of baby carrots.

Roasted Garlic

Roots Roasted Garlic Hummus

Garlic lovers, vampire offenders, and those who work from home will love our take on this classic favor. It’s not so intense that it’ll burn your chances at conversing with your colleagues; neither do we mess around with the quality and sincerity of our foods. In other words: don’t expect to be underwhelmed.

Thai Coconut Curry

Roots Thai Coconut Curry HummusYou won’t find a flavor like this one anywhere else on the shelves. Our team of chefs roasts, toasts, and grinds our own curry and veggies, so notes of lemongrass, shallots, cumin, and kaffir lime shine through the organic unrefined coconut oil used to hold it all together. Let the flavors evolve on your tongue as you take the ultimate ride through pleasuretown; just don’t blame us if you never come back!

Oil-Free Original

Roots Oil-Free Original Hummus

Thy auld hommus was Gritty and Sharpe, with Lemons, Herbs, and magick Quality. This reinvention of an old standard contains half the fat of our Original hummus with just as much flavor. Nothing but pure goodness here, folks.

Mango Sriracha

Roots Mango Sriracha Hummus

Tangy organic dried mango mixes with spicy chilies to bring the perfect combination of sweet-heat in this modern take on a Middle Eastern classic. Good luck not finishing the tub in a single sitting.

Lima Bean

Roots Lima Bean Hummus

Best feedback we consistently hear about this one? “I don’t even like lima beans, and I love this hummus.” We added fresh parsley and cayenne heat to embolden this fresh and light butter bean dip, and the result is one-of-a-kind, Grade-A YUM!